Monitor Shrouds for Custody Suites

NJL Custodial have been increasingly appointed to deliver bespoke monitor screens for police forces across the UK.  We have carried out a lot of work for our local force Northumbria Police recently but work right across the UK. Continue reading

£150,000 Investment in Manufacturing Technology

It’s been an exciting week here with the arrival of our new CNC nesting machine.  We are passionate about innovation and technology at NJL Custodial and this is just the latest of recent investments to improve quality and efficiency.  The new state of the art machine will communicate with our intuitive design software and enable a seamless and dynamic manufacturing process.  It will also improve material optimisation thus reducing wastage as part of our commitment to mitigate the environmental impact of our processes.

The new CNC nesting machine will be put to good use as we start our latest large project win to supply bedroom furniture on a brand new 170 bedroom high secure mental health hospital.

We are dedicated to providing excellent quality furniture across all sectors including;

  • Prison Furniture
  • Police Furniture
  • Mental Health Furniture
  • Pharmacy Shop Fitting

Big Fun Run Success

On Sunday 25th October 6 of us took part in a 5k Big Fun Run for our company charity Tyneside and Northumberland Mind.  We had an absolutely brilliant time and it was fantastic being surrounded by so many others running for great causes.

Although it wasn’t a race, speedy Rob Shippey who is one of our Joiners made it round in  an amazing 23 minutes, finishing 5th overall.  Rob was followed by our Business Development Manager Simon Taylor who raced round to get back in time for the Tyne and Wear derby, although after the embarrassing result for The Toon he might as well have stopped for a picnic on his way.  Simon was shortly followed by our very own Carol Vorderman, Finance Manager Zoe Ridgeway who finished in 30 minutes.  Racing over the line in 35 minutes was our last minute stand in 9 year old Amelia who is the daughter of our Sales and Marketing Assistant Emma, she was shortly followed by her mum Emma Fernie and Sue “I’m nearly 97 don’t you know” Milne finishing in an admirable 38 minutes!

We are currently collecting in sponsors but anticipate the total to be over £400.00 for our great cause.

Recommended Installers of Custodial Furniture for UK Police Forces

NJL Custodial have recently manufactured and installed two custody furniture projects for Isle of Man and Merseyside Police.  Our experience as specialists in cell furniture manufacture and growing reputation for charge desk design puts us at the top of the sub-contractor list when a project like this comes on board.  We’re delighted to work with both forces delivering excellent quality furniture.

NJL have been manufacturing and installing custodial furniture for over 20 years, we are a Home Office recommended supplier of safe custodial furniture and worked with the Metropolitan Police on the design of the Lambeth cell bench which we have installed to hundreds of locations across the UK including counter terrorism cells.  Our own team of fitters are all enhanced or CTC cleared to work within sensitive environments.

We have installed our bespoke charge desk designs in dozens of locations across the UK.  Our in-house design team are able to come up with innovative solutions to challenges faced in a custodial environment and are currently engaged in developing a unit which will improve communication with individuals detained in a custody cell.

If you have any custodial projects in mind, please give a member of our team a call on 0845 450 5904.

Innovative Design Solutions

NJL Custodial are not only specialists in the manufacture of custodial furniture for HMPS and the Police, we also have extensive experience working alongside contractors to develop new items which can assist in overcoming challenges faced within a custodial environment.

NJL Custodial are currently engaged with a software specialist to develop a bespoke unit for housing critical technology within a custodial environment.  Our background as a bespoke joinery manufacturer means we can take on projects like this and produce an innovative solution.  We have our own team of in-house designers as well as a small team dedicated to R&D.

If you have a bespoke project in mind or a problem to solve please give us a call direct to discuss in more detail on 0845 450 5904.

Approved Corian Fabricators

NJL Custodial are an approved Corian fabricator and have been manufacturing Corian for over 20 years.  Corian is an advanced composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension.  As well as being hard wearing Corian is also resistant to high temperatures, hygienic due to it’s non porous surface and can also be renewed by sanding to remove any damage or vandalism. Continue reading

Ministry of Justice Spending Review

Are you a prison currently waiting to hear if you have received funding this financial year?

We are aware that the Ministry of Justice is carrying out a spending review which is to be concluded by mid November.  Historically November-March is our busiest time at NJL Custodial with a rush to get all vital work completed by the end of the financial year.

If you have any projects in the pipeline please discuss them with us early which will enable us to arrange a site visit if required and provide a quotation.  This can help to reduce your overall lead time.

Please give a member of our dedicated team a call on 0845 450 5904.

Prison Furniture Requirements

We have been working closely with AMEY and Carillion to ensure that NJL Custodial can continue to manufacture and install our specialist furniture into prisons across the UK.  We are now approaching the second half of the financial year which historically has been the busiest time for our prison furniture manufacturing and installation teams. Continue reading

Great North Run Success

Our Design and Development Manager Anthony Kippax took part in the Great North Run last Sunday to raise funds for our company charity, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind.

Despite weather conditions not being ideal, Anthony managed to finish the 13.1 mile run in a fantastic time of 1hr 37mins 12seconds and raised an admirable £150.00 for our local branch of Mind.  We think this is a great effort for what was a late entry so a huge well done to Anthony and a big thank you to all those who sponsored.

NJL Secure, the sister company of NJL Custodial, manufacture and install safe mental health furniture for hospitals across the UK so it made sense for us to choose Mind as our company charity and give something back to a great cause which provides support to those in our area who perhaps struggle to access stretched NHS services.

NJL Custodial – Making Progress with AMEY and Carillion

NJL Custodial have been making steady progress with both AMEY and Carillion since they took over the management of HM Prison Estates across England and Wales back in June.

We are committed to continuing to supply the prison service with our specialist safer cell furniture and are working hard to come to a mutually agreeable business solution for both NJL Custodial, The MOJ and of course AMEY and Carillion.

We have started to see orders coming through from AMEY and are almost there with Carillion with lots of quotes still out there for both.  We anticipate to be at our busiest towards the end of the year and through to January/February so if you have a project in mind please give a member of our team a call on 0845 450 5904.

We would be happy to arrange a visit to assess any work required.