Ministry of Justice Spending Review

Are you a prison currently waiting to hear if you have received funding this financial year?

We are aware that the Ministry of Justice is carrying out a spending review which is to be concluded by mid November.  Historically November-March is our busiest time at NJL Custodial with a rush to get all vital work completed by the end of the financial year.

If you have any projects in the pipeline please discuss them with us early which will enable us to arrange a site visit if required and provide a quotation.  This can help to reduce your overall lead time.

Please give a member of our dedicated team a call on 0845 450 5904.

Prison Furniture Requirements

We have been working closely with AMEY and Carillion to ensure that NJL Custodial can continue to manufacture and install our specialist furniture into prisons across the UK.  We are now approaching the second half of the financial year which historically has been the busiest time for our prison furniture manufacturing and installation teams. Continue reading

Great North Run Success

Our Design and Development Manager Anthony Kippax took part in the Great North Run last Sunday to raise funds for our company charity, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind.

Despite weather conditions not being ideal, Anthony managed to finish the 13.1 mile run in a fantastic time of 1hr 37mins 12seconds and raised an admirable £150.00 for our local branch of Mind.  We think this is a great effort for what was a late entry so a huge well done to Anthony and a big thank you to all those who sponsored.

NJL Secure, the sister company of NJL Custodial, manufacture and install safe mental health furniture for hospitals across the UK so it made sense for us to choose Mind as our company charity and give something back to a great cause which provides support to those in our area who perhaps struggle to access stretched NHS services.

NJL Custodial – Making Progress with AMEY and Carillion

NJL Custodial have been making steady progress with both AMEY and Carillion since they took over the management of HM Prison Estates across England and Wales back in June.

We are committed to continuing to supply the prison service with our specialist safer cell furniture and are working hard to come to a mutually agreeable business solution for both NJL Custodial, The MOJ and of course AMEY and Carillion.

We have started to see orders coming through from AMEY and are almost there with Carillion with lots of quotes still out there for both.  We anticipate to be at our busiest towards the end of the year and through to January/February so if you have a project in mind please give a member of our team a call on 0845 450 5904.

We would be happy to arrange a visit to assess any work required.

NJL Custodial – Safe Custodial Furniture

There has been recent reports in the news about a rise in deaths in police custody and a subsequent enquiry being launched by the Home Secretary.

NJL Custodial has provided safe and robust cell furniture to the police and HMPS for over 10 years, our cell furniture focuses on an anti-ligature design and is constructed using Corian Solid Surface Material.  We are Home Office approved and worked with the Metropolitan Police on the design of the Lambeth cell bench which we have installed into hundreds of custody cells across the UK.

We are also specialists in the design and manufacture of custodial charge desks, our charge desks are highly sought after due to their modern spacious design and can incorporate curved wings to ensure detainees privacy.

If you would like to discuss a new charge desk design or cell refurbishment please give a member of our team a call on 0845 450 5904.

NJL Secure – Top of the Leaderboard

NJL Secure – The sister company of NJL Custodial is delighted to be top of the league for site safety at the St Bernard’s MSU Hospital re-development.  We are currently installing mental health bedroom furniture into the new 80 bed unit. Continue reading

NJL Custodial – Experts in the installation of custodial charge desks

NJL Custodial are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of custodial charge desks.  We have completed dozens of desks of all shapes and sizes in police stations across the UK.  These desks work and the designs are being used time and again and are now highly sought after by other forces with new desk requirements.  We are working with a number of forces and architects on our next installations and are currently on site installing another desk for a police force that was very happy with the last one we installed. Continue reading

NJL Custodial – The Bigger Picture

Through recent interaction with our customers we have discovered that not a lot of people know that we are not only a leading manufacturer within custodial furniture, we are also involved in a number of different fields. Continue reading

Prison Estates Privatisation – Carillion and AMEY

NJL Custodial are aware of the recent changes within the estates departments of HMPS and are currently working on building a future working relationship with both Carillion and AMEY.

NJL Custodial has been supplying custodial furniture to the prison service for many years and has installed this into hundreds of cells across the UK.  We understand that there will be new processes implemented over the coming months and that these may be times of uncertainty .  We are however fully committed to delivering our service to our customers within HMPS and will work to ensure this continues.

If you have any enquiries relating to prison cell furniture please give us a call direct on 0845 450 5904.

Charge Desk Refurbishments

NJL Custodial has been engaged by our local police force, Northumbria Police, to undertake important charge desk upgrades.  The purpose of the upgrade is to offer a dual screen option for the custody sergeant whilst booking in a detainee.  New charge desk designs incorporate dual screens but existing charge desks require the alteration. Continue reading